How Kinky Are You? A Sort-of Quiz

Hey, how kinky are you?

If your answer is OMG ‘LOLA’ IS AN ALL-TIME BANGER I LOVE THE KINKS then I would say to you first of all; congrats on that A+ joke and secondly, fist bump. However I’d have to then ask you for a second time ‘Hey, how kinky are you?’. read more

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Things I’d Tell a Younger Me About Sex & Romance

I’m 35 years old and I work in the creative industry. What I mean to say is that on any given day, I am usually the oldest person in the room; I share office space and work very closely with people 15 years my junior and it definitely makes me feel my age to hear how much is different for them compared to my experience coming up. It’s simple for us to think that twentysomethings have it so much easier when it comes to hooking up and coupling – what with dating apps, DM sliding and content streaming & chilling – but some things will never, ever change.

In the conversations I’ve had with my younger peers – and overheard them having with each other, the same anxieties – and misconceptions – exist, just like I am sure they have since forever. And while I’ll never pull one of my colleagues aside and be some kind of sage (tbh I’d never have listened to me back then; why would these kids listen to me now?), I’m writing this here so that maybe you reading this can figure out a little bit about what I’ve learned so far. read more

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Chatting Online Along with Cam Girls

Before you start to chat online with women, you should ask yourself why you want to. What expectations do you have? What outcomes do you want? You may only want to make new friends and have fun chatting about anything that comes to mind. If you want to chat online with women as the first step in meeting them in real life, with the intention of forming relationships that will be serious or just fun, then be sure to keep regarding it as the first step. Don’t fall into the trap of being indecisive about progressing to the next step. If you chat with someone that you decide you want to meet in real life, then move on to the next step quickly by getting her phone number to speak with her. If you still want to meet her after having a few phone calls, then arrange a date with the beautiful Live porn cams.

Some men fall into the trap of just continually chatting online with Filipino girls or any women and don’t move on to the next step in the process of meeting women. The process of chatting online can become addictive and more fulfilling than actually meeting real women. You should step back and take a reality check if this starts to happen to you. Reassess your objectives for chatting online with women. If your intention is to meet women in real life, then be sure to move on to the next step. read more

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Sometimes booking a good escort is not as easy as it seems

People who including hiring high class escorts have one aspiration; to have an skills with a mature star. Most people who has saw porn possesses a favorite porn star they would like to hire for just a girlfriend practical experience. But unbeknown to most men and women, hiring or merely booking a new Dubai Escortsis one of the worst, if not unattainable, jobs ever previously. When the majority of people want to work with porn escorts, they usually work with agencies in which specialize in giving people with chances of getting together with up with common porn megastars and making the most of their corporation only. Which means those firms do not make sure that a porno star will likely be hired to present escort expert services. But as the agencies build these prospects after a man or woman has given up, it may be up to the man to talk to often the porn legend and publication them without delay.

Even though these agencies really exist, it means that your person need to locate a kind of agencies along with pay right up so that they can connect with an escort. These businesses do not in addition advertise their particular services publicly. For clientele who genuinely wish to hire a porn movie star for companion services, the majority of them try to strike the adult star specifically through the adult porn star’s web page, in the hopes that they need to obtain a booking. On their internet websites, porn actors usually give contact information or any other selection where consumers can feedback their ask and ways that they the mature star acknowledgement to buyers. Many people certainly not get a result from the porn star. Doing this can be infuriating, and it is recommended to go with high end escorts given it is a incredibly easier option. read more

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Straight Talk for Straight Guys: Fingering

How do you do, fellow straight guys? I certainly hope you’ve got some board shorts and flip flops on, because here’s a hot take you can sear a steak over; ladies aren’t as in to being fingered as we think they are.

What a shocker*, right? Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I am thinking the same thing; “you mean all of those years – the accumulated hours – of blindly jabbing and darting my digits in and out of a vagina have all been for nothing?” Sorry to say big fella, but most likely it’s a definitive yes – at least, the way you were doing it. read more

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Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

Self-esteem has just as big an impact inside the bedroom as it does outside of it, and just like everyone, we’re all subject to a crisis of confidence every now and then. When you find yourself feeling insecure about getting intimate – as can happen when we’re in a brand-new relationship or just feeling less than our best – remember these tips to get you feeling your finest and friskiest self again.

Honesty: The Best Policy

This isn’t some long, hard look in the mirror we’re suggesting here, but if you’re experiencing a bout of lowered sexual self-esteem, speak up and let your partner know before you’re in the middle of a sensual experience. This helps you avoid being pushed beyond your comfort zone, and will open the avenue of communication between you and your partner to talk through a solution to your sensual setback – there are a lot of ways to be intimate with your partner! read more

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What Exactly Are Nipple Clamps?

What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are a sex toy that squeeze your erect nipples to restrict the blood flow. Because nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone for men and women, the pinching sensation can give anyone a fun blend of pain and pleasure. They come in a range of designs, from alligator, butterfly or clover, and some have adjustable pressures. It’s best to speak with a professional in a sex toy store about the different intensities, and where best to start out. Think of it as retail therapy meets foreplay!

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